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Data Recovery Costs

Prices for recovery depend on multiple factors.  As no two cases are the same, it’s very tough to give an accurate cost until we get the drive and evaluate what needs to be done to get the data rescued.

All prices exclude VAT.


Time for recovery is approximately 7-10 working days.  In most cases, it will be less, but sometimes when we need to source donor parts from drives we don’t have, then it may take longer.  If your case is urgent, please let us know in advance, and we will get back to you sooner with FASTRACK options.

Typically, the cost of recovery will be from:

No physical issues


For drives that have no physical issues.

Weak/bad sectors


For drives with weak/bad sectors and head issues.

Failed Drives


For drives that have failed (i.e. no longer spin or are no longer working internally, clicking), will need parts changed in a class cleanroom environment.

RAID / NAS / Servers


RAID recovery is usually £500 + VAT, but best get in touch with us to discuss the issue.

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Data Recovery on Seagate NAS
December 2, 2017