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Excellent customer service from start to finish.  The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, with all options clearly explained, and a pleasure to deal with

Ian Cameron, Edinburgh

East Coast Data Recovery are outstanding. They managed to recover ALL my 512Gb of lost data from a failed MacBook SSD, when Apple themselves couldn’t even connect to the drive. They worked flat out over 3 solid days to recover all my data.

Their professionalism, service and commitment are second to none and all work is carried out locally in Edinburgh on their specialised premises. So no need to package and send your laptop or drive to a laboratory somewhere else in the UK with all the extra expense, delay and worry that entails. Its important that if you do suffer a drive failure you get it seen to ASAP as any delay can potentially limit the chance of recovering your data.

East Coast Data Recovery are proven experts in data recovery and I highly recommend them to anyone who is unfortunate enough to suffer a drive failure.

Simon Chappie, Edinburgh

So Thankful.

Ran into a spot of bother with one of my external hard drives. As a photographer, I know it’s so important to have a backup, but as I was careless, I stupidly transferred all my photos from one laptop to another and then deleted the original to free up space. Disaster struck as the drive I used was dropped on the floor which would then not show up.

Called the guys at East Coast Data Recovery after a friend saw a Facebook post and within 48 hours, the guys managed to get off practically all the data from the damaged drive and back to me.

Would definitely be using them again if I mess up again. Can recommend to all. These guys are life savers!

M Cockburn, Edinburgh

These guys are geniuses. Honestly, I couldn’t be more thankful.

So, the problem I was having was that the hard drive was failing on my MacBook Pro. I went to an apple authorised repair company and they confirmed the hard drive issue but weren’t hopeful of recovering ANY of the data off the machine. Years of family photos, work documents etc could potentially have been lost. So a quick google search brought me to East Coast Data Recovery and after reading a few reviews I thought I would give them a try.

They weren’t sure if they could recover everything off the hard drive but they let it run through their fancy advanced recovery machine (without any obligation to continue with their service) and called a few days later to say they could recover EVERYTHING off the drive. Obviously I was delighted and I went ahead with the recovery. They installed a new hard drive , copied all the data onto it and threw in an external hard drive for free with all the data on that too.

Adrian Vahey, Edinburgh