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East Coast Data Recovery is local Edinburgh Company specialising in Professional Data Recovery.

We can recover lost data from damaged or non responding hard drives, SSD’s and storage devices formatted on PC/MAC/Linux etc.

We work on damaged Internal or External Drives and NAS/RAID systems that are no longer being recognised or picked up by Windows or OSX.

Should a drive be internally faulty, we can swap parts from healthy donor drives in our Clean Air Room, which ensures a dust free environment, minimising contamination, and giving the best possible chance to recover customer’s data.

Costs vary with damage and severity of case.  Typical Costs are here.

For a free consultation, please contact us by phone on 0131 553 9006, or for a faster response, email us on info@eastcoastdatarecovery.com, or send us a message on Facebook Messenger or using our contact form at the bottom of this page.

We also accept posted drives from all over the UK.  We don’t charge for consultation, or to return drives back should the customer not wish to proceed or the data isn’t recoverable.  With COVID19, we are taking extra steps to ensure drives arriving are fully sanitised and cleaned before work and any drives sent back are also cleaned thoroughly.

Please check out our contact page for more information on how to post your drive to us.


  • Nikki Douthat AvatarNikki Douthat

    Rosie from Eastcoast Data Recovery was very helpful and communication from her was excellent. She explained everything that would happen and advised that there was no fee unless they could recover some data. Although the hard drive was badly damaged they managed to recover 5 years worth of precious photos.
    I highly recommend them and thank you guys your brilliant. - 12/21/2019 

    Stuart Hudson AvatarStuart Hudson

    Great service and very professional. Recovered almost 20 years of photos and videos from my crashed NAS drive for about half the price of the first company I tried. Would definitely recommend. - 3/28/2019 

  • Bill Mount AvatarBill Mount

    Took my faulty hard drive to PC World they advised they "might" be able to get some of my info off it but would charge me £80 for a hard drive & a further £200 to try. But couldn't guarantee I would get anything back. Emailed East Coast Data Recovery, advised to send over the drive & then following initial analysis they would know if anything was recoverable. No charge if nothing recoverable or if i decided not to go ahead. Brilliant service from friendly staff who know their stuff. Thank you Over 6000 files recovered. Such a simple process within 5 days I had all my information back. Highly recommended Cheers ! - 10/12/2017 

    Gail Tolley AvatarGail Tolley

    Fantastic service - managed to recover files I thought were lost forever. Thank you Louis and team! - 4/10/2020 

  • Anita Tennant AvatarAnita Tennant

    Very helpful indeed. - 1/21/2020 

    Keith Gainham AvatarKeith Gainham

    To quote Tina Turner - "You're simply the best, better than all the rest". 👍 - 4/02/2018 

  • Alison Laing AvatarAlison Laing

    Cannot recommend Eastcoast Data Recovery highly enough. Was distraught when I thought I had lost years of photo’s when another company told me my hard drive was ‘dead’. ECDR recovered all the photo’s, communication was great and it was a super fast service. Well worth every penny, back up your back ups people!!! - 5/02/2019 

    Alison Laing AvatarAlison Laing

    Cannot recommend Eastcoast Data Recovery highly enough. Was distraught when I thought I had lost years of photo’s when another company told me my hard drive was ‘dead’. ECDR recovered all the photo’s, communication was great and it was a super fast service. Well worth every penny, back up your back-ups people!!! - 5/02/2019 

  • Ann Tasker AvatarAnn Tasker

    Very helpful & knowledgeable. Great Communication. I was told elsewhere my data was lost & unrecoverable. East Coast Data Recovery managed to retrieve the irreplaceable photos. Absolutely superb. Thank you ......... - 4/10/2018 

    Lauren Mairs AvatarLauren Mairs

    After dropping my external hard drive they managed to recover absolutely everything! Really fast, efficient service. So happy to have all my files recovered!!! - 4/10/2018 

  • Andrea Fabiana AvatarAndrea Fabiana

    I got in touch with East Coast Data Recovery after I dropped my laptop and the hard drive started clicking. I was in panic as I fear I could lose all my data and most importantly, my recent pictures from my holidays. I went to my local repair shop in Newington first but they couldn't help me. So I took it to PC World who wanted to charge me £80 up front without any guarantee I would get my data back. So finally I called East Coast Data Recovery and they told me to bring the drive to their shop so they could have a look. It took a few days but they got back to me with the list of what they could retrieve from my drive saying if I didn't want it, I could still take the drive back free of charge. Long story short, I got my data with my pictures back and I'm very happy with the service. - 4/10/2018 

    Carole Egner AvatarCarole Egner

    I can't recommend these guys enough. My laptop died taking all the data with it. I tried two other repair shops but they couldn't help as this was a hardware problem. Eastcoast were friendly, efficient and professional and managed to recover 95% of my data. - 12/18/2019 

  • Mark White AvatarMark White

    Managed to get years of pictures back from damaged external HD. Thanks. - 3/09/2020 


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December 2, 2017

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What our clients say

  • Excellent customer service from start to finish. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, with all options clearly explained, and a pleasure to deal with

    Ian Cameron, Edinburgh

  • East Coast Data Recovery are outstanding. They managed to recover ALL my 512Gb of lost data from a failed MacBook SSD, when Apple themselves couldn’t even connect to the drive. They worked flat out over 3 solid days to recover all my data. I highly recommend them to anyone who is unfortunate enough to suffer a drive failure.

    Simon Chappie, Edinburgh

  • Called the guys at East Coast Data Recovery and within 48 hours, the guys managed to get off practically all the data from the damaged drive and back to me. Would definitely be using them again if I mess up again. Can recommend to all. These guys are life savers!

    M Cockburn, Edinburgh

  • These guys are geniuses. Honestly, I couldn’t be more thankful. Absolutely incredible service, very quick and professional and if I have any issues in the future I’d definitely use these guys again. If you have any similar issues then you won’t regret using them.

    Adrian Vahey, Edinburgh