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Data Recovery Services

At East Coast Data Recovery, we can recover data from all types of drives. Internal, External, RAID and NAS, (NTFS/FAT/EXFAT), Apple (HFS), Linux (EXT2/3/4) formats.

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Customers can drop off their drives to us to our workshop at 27 Crighton Place, Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH7 4NY. We also accept drives posted* to us (please use signed for post and please include all your details including email, address, and contact number).

Alternatively, if in Edinburgh, contact us for more details on our free collect and return service.

Unfortunately, we do not accept drives that have been opened by other shops. Hard Drives are factory sealed, and the delicate nature of their internal components means that unless they are opened, with the right tools, and in a clean room environment, contaminants such as dust and fingerprints can get into the drive, rendering recovering impossible. Please do not try to DIY open your drive to have a peek inside. What was once recoverable may no longer be. Drives handled without the utmost care, appropriate tools, and by trained professionals, are usually unrecoverable.

Eastcoast Data Recovery specialises in Hard Drive Recovery and operates a free analysis service with a no-data, no-fee policy. Every case is different, and we take extreme care and time in evaluating customers’ faulty drives. Once we come back with an analysis and costings, the decision to proceed will be down to them. Should they decide not to go ahead, there is no charge, and any drives are returned free of charge*.

Data is recovered and returned on an external hard drive**, a large capacity USB Flash drive, or to a customer’s external drive.

*By post, single drives are returned for free, multiple devices may incur an excess postage cost.

**Data that fits onto a 500GB drive is posted for free. Larger recovery will require bigger storage for rescued data. Any additional cost will be reported back at the analysis stage.

Eastcoast Data Recovery can recover from all brands and accept drives in any condition; EXCEPT previously opened drives.

For more information, please call us on 0131 553 9006 or fill in our contact form.

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