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More Recent jobs – WD Passport Drives

We seem to be getting quite a few WD Passport drives in recently.  These drives are pretty common, but most people don’t realise they are all the self encrypting type which means specialist hardware is needed to recover from them typically.

Our advanced PC3000 system allowed us to recover from all 3 of these cases.

The Blue one had family photos that spanned almost 10 years.  The Magneta one was dropped and had important documents and photos.

The Black one had very important work from a professional photographer when it was dropped and no longer coming on.   The deadline was tight, but we were able to recover files from an important wedding shoot ahead of the deadline.

If you have issues with one of these drives, or indeed any other brand, we may be able to help.  For more info, please get in touch using our Quick Contact link at the bottom

of the page or on our Contact Page.