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Month: December 2017

Recovery from Encrypted WD Passport Drive

We received a few days ago a Western Digital (WD) Passport drive in for recovery where the customer had forgotten the unlock password. Although it is a very common drive and we see quite a few of them in for recovery, not many people realise that these drives actually have a self-encrypting feature that means […]

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Data Recovery on Seagate NAS

      Recently we recovered data from a customer’s Seagate NAS drive.   The NAS drive is basically a desktop drive inside a casing which then allows it to be connected to a Network.   Once extracted. the drive which contained backups of photos and emails was analyzed by our PC3000 system which identified […]

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Fire Damaged Drives – keep your backup’s recent and safely separate

A few weeks ago we received a couple of drives that were in a fire.  Luckily there was no one hurt, but the laptop had basically melted due to the ferocity of the fire.  The laptop, or what was left of it, arrived at our shop in a bin bag, still wet from the water […]

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