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Month: October 2017

Water Damaged MSATA SSD – corrupted firmware and chip damage

We had an interesting job this week. A student came in with a water damaged laptop.  It had previously been taken to the university IT support centre where someone thought it would be a good idea to turn it on, while it was still wet.   Not getting any response, the customer took it to a […]

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Data Recovery with severe platter damage (head crash). Step by Step.

We got this internal drive recently by post. The Seagate drive had lived for years inside a DELL Desktop, and for some reason, one day it just gave up.  The customer had been to a few other shops including a high street name, and as they couldn’t do anything, they sent it to us.   The […]

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Hitachi G-Drive Recovery

  A teacher brought in a dropped G-Drive with course material and important files.  The portable drive with the cover opened was just a standard HGST 2.5” hard drive.     Despite some bad sectors, the drive was imaged completely using our Deepspar Disk Imager. Once imaged, we were able to extract 30GB of files […]

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WD Elements 2TB – Wedding Photos for a Pro Photographer

A photographers nightmare.  A 2TB WD Elements Drive came in with an archive of many wedding photos for a professional photographer.  It wasn’t dropped and nothing significant had happened to the drive as far as the owner knew, but it was no longer showing up on any computer.   The Internal 2.0TB drive was analysed […]

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