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WD Elements 2TB – Wedding Photos for a Pro Photographer

A photographers nightmare.  A 2TB WD Elements Drive came in with an archive of many wedding photos for a professional photographer.  It wasn’t

dropped and nothing significant had happened to the drive as far as the owner knew, but it was no longer showing up on any computer.


The Internal 2.0TB drive was analysed by us which showed issues with the drive filesystem but was in a fairly good healthy condition.

We proceeded to image the drive onto a fresh drive using our Deepspar Imager which managed to get a good copy of drive data.  To ensure we didn’t risk to customers data, we

always work with copies rather than the original drive.   With our Acelabs PC3000 System, we analysed the imaged drive and managed to pull off almost 800GB of images, mostly RAW files of photoshoots.  The rescued data was then copied and returned to a very happy customer on a fresh Hard Drive.

Another job done!