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WD Passport Drive with Lost Recordings

We had this drive come in from a musician with very important Logic files that might bring about a recording contract! Drive was not being picked up and had internal issues with sector problems, and was responding slowly. We had to SATA convert the drive from USB to give us full control.     Once converted […]

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Faulty Lenovo with Wedding photos

Had a customer that dropped off this very new laptop that had important documents and even more important wedding photos.  Drive had massive sector errors in areas under 2 heads at the beginning of the drive which was likely due to damaged platters. Got the drive into our imager which allowed us to get a […]

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TOSHIBA Portable USB3.0 to SATA data recovery

Customer brought in a faulty Toshiba USB3.0 HDD.  It would no longer appear or be recognised on any machine when it was plugged in.  Our Disk Imager was able to see it but disk imaging – although starting well –  would take over 30 hours as the drive was resetting randomly every 4-5 seconds.  Not good […]

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We received this water damaged DELL XPS 13 from a longtime customer.  It was literally waterlogged and kept leaking as we were opening and taking parts out.  Luckily we managed to extract the SSD in time, get it cleaned and dried out and we managed to perform a perfect recovery of all the data including […]

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iMac Data Recovery

Yesterday we got this iMac in for repair.  The customer had been ignoring issues for a while and tried to upgrade the OS to try and fix some slowness issues when it crashed.  No backup had been done, and the data was important.  We extracted the drive and identified a failing damaged drive with sector […]

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Dropped Hard Drive Recovery

Customer dropped a drive for us to look at.  Previously told by other shops that recovery was not possible.  We are pleased to say that we have been successful. 135.7GB of Data : almost 17,000 photos, 300 films & home videos and some documents recovered.  

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Data Recovery on Toshiba HDD

Recently we managed to do data recovery on this Toshiba HDD for a professional photographer. 173GB, 53000 photos recovered onto new portable drive.  

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Data Recovery by post

Recently we had a drive sent all the way from the Isle of Skye from a previous Edinburgh resident. Dropped Drive and needed heads changed. Replaced heads and imaged with our Deepspar Disk Imager and all the Data will be heading back to beautiful Skye to a grateful customer.

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Mac SSD Retina Data Recovery

Recently we managed to recover 430GB of Data from this failing Macbook Pro 2015 SSD that wouldn’t mount or couldn’t be seen by OSX. Apple Store told the customer they couldn’t help so he brought it to us. The drive was failing and not mounting but after about 72 hours we managed to get all […]

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